Mobile Streaming Of Your Favorite Sporting Events

You may be among the thousands and thousands of people who actually have to wake up every morning to go to work. If you are lucky to have a cool boss, you may get the opportunity to watch your favorite games on an actual television screen at work. Most people do not have cool bosses and usually never get the time to watch the games they love live on television or any on any other screen. Apart from that, cable companies usually have poor customer service, which naturally pushes people to find new ways to watch their favorite sports.

Streaming Games on Mobile devices

With internet speeds increasingly blowing our minds every other time it is wise to conclude that in the future there will more streaming options available online. The streaming services that are currently available are great but not all of them offer a good streaming experience.   In case you are among the growing crowd of people who fantasize daily about getting rid of cable or you just want your favorite games under your work desk, then these options are for you:

  1. WatchESPN

It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in NBA, soccer, horse racing, cycling, boxing and others. This website has them all. You can view all the games on High Definition on your desktop, game consoles and mobile devices. The only issue with this website is that you cannot stream games on it if you do not a cable package from a traditional cable provider. The website also has sports news from all over the world and provides quality videos of interviews with players and coaches.

  1. Fox Sports

Just like ESPN, this site offers a variety of games that you can watch live. These include horse racing, Olympics, football, ice hockey, soccer, boxing, cycling and others. They also have podcast and radio, which allows you to listen while driving or walking. You can watch interviews, several videos and best moments on the “watch” section of the site. Fox sports also has an app for Ipad users.

  1. NBC Sports

NBC is just as good as ESPN if not better. You can read the latest sport news on the site including ProBasketballTalk, ProFootball talk and others.   The site has a large collection of videos and full event replays; a filter tool helps you find the replays you are looking for. You can also buy clothes and souvenirs, book tickets and do other fun stuff on the website.

  1. Sky Sports

Sky Sports has several apps that can give you a good streaming experience on your smartphone. You can stream sports like soccer, cycling, NFL, horse racing, rugby, tennis and others on the site. Subscription on this website is free and you can enjoy all the videos on their Sky Go app or through the Sky+HD box. They have a number of sports TV shows, catch up and many interesting interviews.  The only problem with this site is that you cannot stream the games live and you have to upgrade to watch all the Sky Sports channels.

There are also other websites where you can watch your favorite games for free. They include:

  • com-   You can search for the games you want to watch and they also show a list of trending games you could be interested in.
  • com- You can watch all the major sports on this site
  • FirstRowSports- Apart from the many inactive streaming links on the site, you can still watch many games on First Row.
  • sx-The website is simple and easy to use
  • AllSportLive- It has more international sports than US sports.

If you want a good mobile streaming experience,you can try these options and pick the ones that you feel are better than cable.

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